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The History of the Department of Trade Union Affairs (JHEKS)

Malaysian Trade Union Affairs Department formerly known as the Trade Union Registration Office was established in July 1946 to enforced 1940 Trade Union Enactment. 

Under the enactment, each established union is obliged to apply for registration to the Registrar of Trade Union. The registration of trade union began in 1947 and at the end of that year, 298 trade union were registered with a total membership of 195,113. 

The 1940 Trade Unions Enactment was replaced by the Trade Unions Ordinance 1959 which came into force from 1 June 1959. The Ordinance was extended to Sabah and Sarawak in 1965 after Malaysian was established. After the revision made by Law Revision Commission in 1981, the Ordinance was renamed as Trade Unions Act 1959.  

The Trade Union Registration Office name was changed to Trade Union Affairs Department in 1989. In line with changed of department name, the title Head of Department has also been changed from Registrar of Union to Director General of Trade Union to reflect the actual roles and responsibilities other than registering a trade union.

Trade Union Affairs Department Customer Charter

We are committed to offering customer fair and high-quality services in an effort to satisfy them in the following aspects:-

  • To process a trade union registration application within seven (7) days from  the date the application is received.
  • To process an affiliation with trade union federation or international consultative bodies within seven (7) days from the date the application received.
  • To investigate the competency of the trade union to represent a specific group of workers within fourteen (14) days from the date the matter is referred to the department.
  • To process an application of exemption from all or any provisions under the Trade Unions Regulation within seven (7) days from the date such application is received;
  • To process applications for registration of new regulations and amendments to trade union regulation within seven (7) days from the date the application is received;
  • To investigate trade unions’ complaints within three (3) days from the date such complaint is received; and
  • To respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours.

Functions of the Trade Union Affairs Department

  • Enforcing the Trade Union Act 1959 and the Trade Union Regulations 1959.
  • Supervise, direct, and generally control all matters relating to Trade Unions in this country.
  • Consider applications for registration of Trade Unions established by employees and employers.
  • Ensure that registered Trade Unions operate in accordance with Trade Union laws, constitutions, and regulations of the Trade Union itself.
  • Advising the officers and members of the Trade Union on administrative, financial, and legal aspects of the Trade Union.
  • Advising YB Minister of Human Resources on laws and policies related to Trade Unions and laborlabour matters in general.

Functions of Trade Unions

  • Create communication channels between employers and employees.
  • Protecting the welfare and benefits of members.
  • Representing trade union members in enterprise disputes.
  • Organise activities that can improve the knowledge and skills of members.
  • Keeping, updating, and maintaining the member register.
  • Hold committee meetings regularly in accordance with trade union regulations.
  • Manage the finances and maintain the accounts of the trade union in accordance with the law.
  • Ensure that the trade union moves in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations.

Trade Union Registration

The main activity of this department is to consider and make decisions on trade union registration applications. A trade union needs to be registered to enable it to enjoy the rights and privileges as a legal union. Union registration can be done through  e-TUIS .

Vision and Mission of the Trade Union Affairs Department


To be a superior agency in the management and development of the Trade Union movement.


Ensure that Trade Unions move democratically and responsibly to create an atmosphere of harmonious workplace relations.


Ensure that the Trade Union moves in a healthy manner to create satisfied, disciplined, and productive workers towards the achievement of the country’s socio-economic development goals.


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