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The important responsibility of trade union affairs department is to ensure that action strike is legal according to rules and regulations. Lay off in workplace which is done by a workers is an action strike, without take into account, either this industry act is valid or no.

A bunch of employee who act jointly must refer to one trade union registered and make a strike action because they want to achieve trade union objective according to terms and conditions of members's contract of employment.

The definition of strike under the Trade Unions Act 1959 is as follows:-

"Strike means the cessation of work by a body of workmen acting in combination or a concerted refusal or a refusal under a common understanding of a member of workmen to continue work or to accept employment, and includes any act or mission by a body of workmen acting in combination or under a common understanding, which is intended to or does result in any limitation, restriction, reduction or cessation of, or dilatoriness in the performance or execution of the whole or any part of the duties connected with their employment"

Industrial action is legal when a registered trade union comply with all the requirements under Section 25(A) and section 40(2), (3), (4), and (5) under the Trade Union Acts 1959.

*Section 25(A), the trade union which proposes to launch a strike must conduct a secret ballot of its members in respect of whom the strike is to be called and at least two-third of those who are eligible to vote must have voted in favour of the proposed strike"