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The followings are list of Notifications and Statutory Forms:

·         Application for Registration of a Trade Union (Borang B)


·         Notice of Change of Name (Borang G)


·         Application for Registration of New Rules/ or Alteration of Rules  (Borang K)


·         Notice of Change of Registered office of a Trade Union (Borang J)


·         Notice of Change of Officer or Staff of Trade Union  (Borang L&U, Borang L dan Borang L(1))


·         Notice to Affiliate with a Federation of Trade Unions (Borang P, Borang Q dan Borang R)


·         Application to Affilate with Consultative Bodies Outside Malaysia  (Borang W)


·         Notice of Dissolution of a Trade Union and Request to Cancel Certificate of Registration (Borang I & Borang E)


·         Notice Before Cancellation of Certificate of Registration (Borang F)


·         To record Trade Unions Annual Return (Borang N)


·         To record the Secret Ballot Results. (Borang U)