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Frequently asked questions

1.    Does the employee only can form a trade union?

No. The employers also can specifically form their own trade union.

2.   What is the obligation and conditions to be met in order to establish a trade union?

  • They must be an employee of a work place or employers who hiring the employees in West Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak in an establishment, trade, occupation or industry or within any similar trades, occupations or industries.
  • Union officials must be aged 21 years old and above.

3.    Does the public servants allowed to affiliate with the private sector employee to form a trade union?

  • No

4.    Does the public servants and statutory agencies are permitted to be a member of a trade union?

  • No
  • Those who are prohibited from the union membership:
  • Royal Malaysian Police, any prison services, armed forces, public officials who appointed in the safety or services and every public officials that prohibited under any written law, or;
  • Public officials who hold a position as the Managerial and Professional level and public officials, or a class or category of public officials in the group, which is not excluded by a written order issued by the Chief Secretary to Government of Malaysia
  • The officer of the local authority is able to join.
  • Officials of statutory agencies cannot merge with other statutory agencies

5.    Who is eligible to be a trade union officer?

  • Malaysian and 21 years old  and above.
  • He/she not an officer of a trade union which has been cancelled by the  Director General of Trade Unions
  • He / she not appointed as employee of a political party.
  • Not convicted for certain offenses by the courts.
  • He / she does not undercharge as bankruptcy.