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  • To ensure on registration applications trade union / federal trade union and union process with federal trade union compliance with law.
  • To ensure cases of trade union claim recognition involving issue investigation qualification and membership check either by verification or secret ballot solve according to the law.
  • To ensure planning and research such as decision and policy monitoring of department, preparation and implementation of Business Plan and Annual Work Target, review on Client Charter and Trade Union Act 1959, public complaint handling, statistical analysis of trade union, decisions court, study on the union profile / trade union officer and study on movement of trade union being operated accurately and having quality.



1. Processing of trade union / federal trade union registration applications, officer / staff trade union exchange notice and registered trade union office exchange .
2. Manage and operate cases over qualification issue and membership check .
3. Union process application with the trade union federation. 
4. Processing application revoke certificate of trade union registration .
5. Processing notice of trade union dissolution .
6. Decide and monitor implementation of department policy .
7. Preparing and implementing of Business Plan and Annual Work Target .
8. Manage and operate review of Trade Union Act 1959, Client Charter and handling public complaint. 
9. Transact business collection, research and analysis on department statistics, court decision, trade union profile and officer and trade union movement .
10.Manage matters related with management of trade union course, leave without record application and l course organized by trade union.