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1.  To ensure the registration of trade unions, federation of trade unions and affiliation of trade unions are in accordance with the law;
2. To ensure cases concerning recognition of trade unions involving investigations on competency issues are solved in accordance with the law;
3. To ensure matters relating to planning and research of the following is manned with facts and figures;
  a. Department’s policy setting and supervision;
  b. Preparation and implementation of Department’s Business Plan in accordance with the Client’s Charter;
  c. Review of Trade Unions Act 1959;
  d. Research and analysis of trade union statistics;
  e. Profiling of unions/ trade unions officers; and
  f. Research on the Trade Unions Movements.


Trade Unions Movements Division is responsible to matters as follows :

1.  Registration of trade unions / federation of trade unions;
2. Notice of change of officers / staff of trade unions;
3. Notice of change of registered office of trade unions;
4. To ascertain trade unions competency issues;
5. Registration of affiliation with registered federation of trade unions;
6. Registration of affiliation with consultative bodies outside Malaysia;
7. Notification of dissolution and cancellation of trade unions upon request from trade unions;
8. Cancellation of trade unions that contravenes the provisions of Trade Unions Act 1959; 
9. To formulate and monitor the implementation of the Department’s policies;
10. To collect data related to trade unions, conduct researches and to analyse the department’s statistics, profiling of trade unions and officers and trade unions movement;
11. To organize and conduct relevant trade unions management trainings;
12. To certify courses and meetings organized by trade unions for trade unions members for the purpose of obtaining unrecorded leave.