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"For the purpose of carrying out his functions under subsection (4A) the Director General : a).........................; and b)may refer to the Director General of Trade Union for his decision any of the trade union of workmen concerned to represent any workmen or class of workmen in respect of whom recognition is sought to be accorded, and the performance of duties and functions by the Director General of Trade Unions under this paragraph shall be deemed to be aperformance of his duties and functions under the written law relating to the registrations of trade unions. " (*Director General refered to Director General of Industry Relations) Competency check process involved visit to place of employment and understanding of work process. Other factors that should be consider is type of company manufacturing, types of raw material used, end product/ service and cost fraction. Beside that , other legal documents such as licenses or permits from MITI will be checked. Trade Union Officers also referring to the Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification 2000 in determine competency. While in other side, scope for trade union membership workers being study based on facts and valid documents found.